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Action Alert: 60 years in prison for firing warning shot against abusive husband



It's unconscionable that a woman who stands her ground against an abusive ex-husband could get 20 years in prison - never mind 60!

Marissa Alexander was given a 20 year sentence for firing a non-lethal warning shot at her ex-husband, moments after he choked her and just days after giving birth. State Attorney Angela Corey prosecuted her anyway. The appeals court has overturned Alexander's conviction -- and now Corey wants a 60 year sentence against her.

This isn't the first time State Attorney Angela Corey has misused her power. She needs to go.

Corey claims she is only doing her job. But in reality, she exercises broad prosecutorial discretion. Who does she think she's fooling?

Will you email State Attorney Angela Corey and demand that she resign?

The nation has watched in horror as this racist, sexist State Attorney has misused her position over and over. For that, she should resign and refrain from public office -- for 60 years.

It's clear that Angela Corey cannot do her job fairly, equitably or competently - so she must resign.

Thank you for all you do for women's equality,

--Terry, Chitra, Bonnie and the rest of us here at NOW