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Fri, March 21: Rally to Condemn the Senate's Awful Budget


When: Friday, March 21, 3:30 PM
Where: Across from Senator Golden’s office, 74th St. and 5th Ave., Brooklyn

The State Senate’s one-house budget resolution is appalling: it sells out public K-12 education in favor of charter schools and private schools; it leaves CUNY woefully underfunded while reducing estate taxes for the wealthiest New Yorkers; it includes a property tax freeze that would primarily benefit the rich; it extends “need-based” financial aid to families earning $80,000-$100,000, while allocating no funding to provide financial aid to the poorest undocumented students under the NYS DREAM Act.

Don’t let the short list of proposed CUNY restorations in the Senate budget resolution make you think it’s a “good budget”; it’s not! And don’t let the news about the Senate’s apparent support of funding of universal pre-K in NYC obscure the true priorities of the Senate Republicans and the Independent Democratic Caucus. The Senate’s budget plan—its starting position in negotiations with the governor and the Assembly—is bad for CUNY, bad for CUNY students and bad for most New Yorkers.

Educators across the State are standing up to denounce the Senate’s plan and calling for a more equitable final budget that invests in the people of New York, rejects the privatization of public education and makes corporations pay their share. The PSC is working with our partners at UFT to bring our demands to the doorstep of Republican Senator Marty Golden of Brooklyn. This Friday at 3:30 PM members of both unions (and coalition partners) will rally across the street from Senator Golden’s office at 74th St and 5th Avenue in Brooklyn. Join us to show him the voters of NYC will not stand for the budget the Senate has put forward.

NYS DREAM Act Fails in the Senate

The NYS Dream Act came up for a surprise vote last night. Thirty senators voted for it. Twenty-nine voted against it, but the motion failed because 32 votes are needed to pass. In a statement released to the media by the Dream Act Coalition, President Bowen said:

“New York State had a chance to make history today, to show that we are still this country’s great gateway for generations of immigrants. But the Senate leadership made sure that didn’t happen. The vote against the DREAM Act denied thousands of students the opportunity to afford a college education and make their full contribution to the future of this state. As professors and staff at CUNY, we know that these brave students are among the most conscientious we will ever teach. It is a travesty to deny them a meaningful chance for an education.”