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Article: 50 Actual Facts That Challenge What You've Been Told About Muslims



Some of my favorites:
5. America comes in 84th place in a global ranking of women elected to government cabinet positions. It comes after Muslim-majority nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

10. The world's youngest female president, Atifete Jahjaga, is the current leader of Kosovo and her country's first female Muslim president

12. Many modern surgical instruments are of exactly the same design as those invented in the 10th century by a Muslim surgeon called al-Zahrawi.

15. Laleh Baktiar wanted to clear up gender misconceptions that appeared in previous translations of the Quran, so in 2007 she became the first woman to translate the Quran into English.
16. At 20 years old, Iqbal Al Assaad is the youngest medical doctor. She graduated from high school at 12.

17. The Sears (now Willis) Tower in Chicago was designed by a Muslim American architect. (My note: He was also Bangladeshi and invented express elevators. You can thank a Muslim for not having to stop on every floor when going on a high floor.)

19. In fact, Muslims give the most out of the world's religions.

20. Bollywood's biggest maestro, A.R. Rahman, converted to Islam in 2006.
21. The pioneer behind microcredit and microfinance, Muhammad Yunus, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize that year too.
25. Some researchers argue that Muslims came to the Americas before Christopher Columbus, in the 700s.
30. The show Little Mosque on the Prairie was the first to show a balanced representation of a dysfunctional Muslim community in Canada. We're still waiting on a similar show in the U.S.

34. Dr. Oz not only has our hearts with his medical advice, but he's a Turkish-American Muslim too.
37. Coffee was a Muslim invention.
38. So was the modern check.
39. The thing that makes selfies possible was invented by Muslims, too.
43. Amid distrust for Muslims and Islam, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and George Washington argued that America should be open to Muslim citizens, office-holders and even presidents.
47. Ten percent of all American doctors are Muslim. That's beside the fact that the hospital is the invention of Muslim-majority nation Egypt.
48. Ann Osman is the first female Muslim pro MMA fighter.
49. In China, the oldest all-female mosque has existed for the last thousand years — and the leader is a woman too.
50. This should be obvious by now: Muslims aren't monolithic.