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May 15, 2-3pm ET: Twitter chat: If you don't think DV/SA is a women's economic issue, think again


All – Please join is this Thursday for a twitter campaign re DV/SA as a women's economic issue

Did you know that in many states and localities, people can be fired (and have been) because they are victims of domestic violence, or sexual assault?  Or that many times, victims are fired because they need leave time to go to court, or to see a domestic/sexual violence counselor?  Many paid leave bills currently under consideration or recently enacted contain specific provisions that address the needs of survivors of domestic/sexual violence. Many of those who need leave, or are at greatest risk of being fired are also low wage workers.  And we all know the economic toll of having to leave (or being run out of) a school, job, home or the military if and when we report domestic and/or sexual violence, stalking or bullying.  Future and current careers are short circuited and economic recovery is a long road.

Please join us this Thursday for a Twitter event that focuses on the economic-related needs of domestic and sexual violence survivors.

May 15 from 2:00-3:00pm ET. We'll be talking about paid leave, workplace discrimination, the minimum wage, the need for childcare, housing and healthcare and more - and how these
important policy priorities would make a difference in the lives of survivors.

The chat will be led by Legal Momentum (@LegalMomentum), NNEDV (@nnedv), and Futures Without Violence (@WithoutViolence), with NAESV (@endsxlviolence) providing additional sexual assault information. We're also excited to be joined by the Center for American Progress' Half in Ten Campaign (@halfinten) and the National Partnership for Women and Families (@NPWF), who will provide some background/context as to why these issues matter for women and low-income people more generally, as well as updates on key pieces of federal legislation. We invite you all to ask questions, share information & stories, and follow along using #SafeWomenSucceed.

Also, here are a couple sample tweets to help promote the event:
No one should have to choose btwn staying employed & staying safe. Let's talk about DV/SA & economic security 5/15 @ 2pmET #SafeWomenSucceed
OR Join the discussion about domestic & sexual violence & economic security 5/15 @ 2pmET #SafeWomenSucceed #talkpoverty