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Ditch the Dirty 100 against women's birth control


This hypocrisy is outrageous

The Supreme Court just waded into the War on Women, allowing corporations -- in the name of religious "beliefs" -- to strip contraception from their employer-based health plans. You read that right -- led by Chief Justice John Roberts, the Court is waging war on women's access to birth control.
Due to the Court's decision, we've decided to continue our campaign against the one hundred entities -- the Dirty 100 -- that sued over the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Stand with NOW and tell the Dirty 100 you won't utilize their services.
Groups like Priests for Life and the American Family Association will always stand in the way of women's rights. But companies like Eden Foods, Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp, M&N Plastics, and Freshway Foods aren't obvious contenders in the "culture war."
They've taken their stand -- and we're taking ours. Tell them you refuse to support companies that DON'T support women!
Contraception is basic health care for women, but the Dirty 100 think otherwise. They want to make your decisions for you! Let them know that you make your own healthcare decisions.
Not your boss. Not some bishop. Not some politician. You.

Thank you for all you do for women's lives,

Terry O'Neill