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According to France, biggest threats to public safety are Muslim women


The articles below describe the Islamophobic atmosphere in France, which makes Muslim women feel alienated and want to leave.

The French Government supposedly banned hijabs, burqas and other religious head coverings out of safety concerns. Because, you know, there are such high rates of Muslim women running around committing crimes. In fact, Muslim women are the most dangerous group of people in the world, responsible for physically and or sexually assaulting one in three women worldwide. Oh, wait! That's actually men. Men are the most dangerous group of people, responsible for over 90% of the assaults that happen every day, including every nine seconds in America alone. If the French government actually cared about the safety of its people, it would look into the toxic patriarchal culture, which tells men they must be violent to be masculine.*  Instead, they are focusing on a made-up problem to excuse their racism and sexism.

*Most men are not violent, but violent men, especially rapists, will have multiple victims.