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Women's eNews: Why I'm Not Buying Beyoncé's Brand of Feminism


The following post from another woman-of-color explains my problems with the brands of feminism celebrities like Beyoncé and Miley Cirus promote.

The below nails it:
"Feminism isn't just about getting yours, and it isn't about your individual privilege. It isn't just about making sure you get paid. It isn't about your kids getting a meal of home-cooked organic food every night. It isn't about finding Mr. Right who respects your professional ambitions and participates domestically. It isn't about the fact that you have never experienced spousal abuse.

Maybe it's old-school, but even in 2014, feminism is about seeking to end violence against women, leveling the economic playing field so that women earn salaries equal to their male counterparts, allowing women to decide what is appropriate for their bodies, changing perceptions about women's abilities, reforming family leave and child care and ending systemic gender discrimination.

When Beyoncé markets herself as feminist, it might come off as the (not so) humble brag that says "I am a common woman, and you can achieve this too." But the real message is "I'm different and special, and you can be too."
Feminism is about more than the individual rights of individual exceptional women."
If they want us to accept and applaud them as feminists, they need to help groups of women - not just themselves.