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Pro-choice pets calendar: Send your photos


Please distribute widely.

Are you pro-choice?  Do you have furry friends who share your feelings about reproductive justice?  If so, please send us pictures of your PRO-CHOICE PETS!  

NOW's Young Feminists & Allies chapter will be selling a 2015 Pro-Choice Pets Calendar & we'd like to feature YOUR pet! A very generous and feminist donor is giving us money to pay a developer to create and host our brand new website, but we're short about $200. The funds we raise will go toward that and other awesome feminist activities.
While we'd love pictures of pets wearing pro-choice apparel or holding their protest signs, we understand that pets don't have thumbs & not all pet parents put their animals through the humiliation of clothing so feel free to send us any of the following types of pictures:
- Pets with pro-choice signs
- Pets with pro-choice apparel
- Pets being cute 
- Pets being pets

We'd also love quotes from you to add to your photos.  Quotes can include:
- Famous quotes about reproductive justice
- Quotes from you about how you feel about reproductive justice
- Quotes from your pets (well, okay, probably still from you) about reproductive justice

Please send your photos in jpeg to youngfeminists at gmail dot com by December 14th! Contact us with any questions. Thanks!

Stay tuned for sale information!!