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Stand Up for the Women of Wal-Mart 3/29 and for Women's Health April 7


The National Organization for Women
Stand Up for the Women of Wal-Mart 3/29 and for Women's Health April 7
On Tuesday, March 29, gather with women's rights advocates outside the Supreme Court to show solidarity with the women of Wal-Mart and demand fair pay for women!
Wal-Mart v. Dukes is the largest class action lawsuit in our nation's history and deals with Wal-Mart's clear record of paying its women workers less. NOW has been pressuring Wal-Mart for a long time, declaring them a Merchant of Shame nearly a decade ago.
Join us to advocate for fair pay for women!
Who: National Organization for Women and Allies
What: Rally for the Women of Wal-Mart
Where: U.S. Supreme Court
1 First St. NE
between E. Capitol St. & Maryland Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20543
Metro: Capitol South (Blue & Orange Lines) or Union Station (Red Line, Amtrak)
When: Tuesday, March 29
Time: 9:30am-11:30am
Questions: Contact Anita Lederer at fieldorg@now.org or 202-628-8669 ext. 134
Important Requirements: Signs must be handheld and made of cardboard, posterboard, or cloth. Any supports for the signs must be dull, wooden, and no larger than 3/4" at their largest point.
But wait! There's more...
SAVE THE DATE: Stand Up for Women's Health Rally and Lobby Day April 7
Want to help end the War on Women?
Join NOW, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and other reproductive justice allies in D.C. on Thursday, April 7 for a rally and lobby day on Capitol Hill. Save the date and watch for more details coming soon.

Come to D.C. on Thurs, April 7 to tell your member of Congress to reject H.R.3.

The Latest Rant

An anti-choice bill in Congress could subject survivors of rape and incest who choose abortion to Internal Revenue Service audits. Mother Jones reports that the anti-choice bill moving now through Congress, H.R.3, could turn “IRS agents into abortion cops.”1

Help me fight this insulting attack. Come to Washington, D.C. on Thursday, April 7 to tell your member of Congress, face-to-face, to reject this bill.

A tax expert recently told Congress that, under H.R.3, the “burden of proof” is on the woman who accesses abortion care to prove to the IRS that the sexual assault occurred. Imagine: being forced to describe such a horrifying experience to a tax collector.

Any bill that spurs the IRS to audit rape survivors is beyond the pale, and members of Congress need to hear from their constituents about this bill one on one. That’s why I need your help.

Come to Washington, D.C. on April 7 for our big lobby day and help me stop this outrageous bill.

If you can’t make it to Washington, you can help us get the word out. Do you have any friends in the Washington area? Do you know anyone who is a student, is retired, or has a flexible work schedule who can make the trip during the week?

Forward this message to your friends and family who might be able to attend.

The attacks on women’s access to abortion must stop. Activists like you have sent 61,238 messages to Congress opposing the “Stupak on Steroids” bill, but we must do more. I hope you can join us in Washington on April 7.

My best,

Nancy Keenan

Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America

Mother's Day: Stand up for mothers abused by fathers & the system


This Mother's Day, fellow NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force members Micah Bochart and Esty Stein will join me in DC to stand up for mothers abused by both their partners and our so-called justice system, that willingly and knowingly give custody of the kids to the physically and or sexually abusive partners.  I do not want to leave my wonderful feminist mom on Mother's Day, but feel compelled to stand up for moms who are unable to give their children the love my mom gave me growing up and continues to provide.  Please join us on a bus from Albany, NJ or downstate NY.

In Solidarity,

Jerin Alam
National NOW Young Feminist Task Force
NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force 
National Organization for Women (NOW)


To petition Congress, go to http://www.petition2congress.com/2/2386/stop-court-ordered-child-abuse

Information on the Vigil:
Peaceful silent vigil at the White House in Washington DC
Sunday May 9, 2010, from 11:00 am until at least 3:00 pm.

Mothers of Lost Children and our supporters are gathering at Lafayette Park, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington DC in front of the White House at 11:00 am for a silent vigil to protest the grotesque human rights abuses against children by family courts. We will have a Proclamation asking the President to help stop the systematic removal and oppression of our children by family court.

A few suggestions for posterboard signs to bring with you to hold:

  • Children are taken from safe mothers and forced to live with abusers. Why?
  • I gave birth to a beloved daughter: Her batterer has custody.
  • I gave birth to a cherished son: His identified molester has custody.
  • I gave birth to three precious children: Our violator has custody.
  • I fear judicial retaliation: What country IS this? (if a scarf is over your face)
  • Mr. President, please stop the children’s suffering.

Battered Women Take Custody Battles to White House


Fellow NOW - NY State Young Feminist Task Force members Micah Bochart and Esty Stein will join me at the following rally.

In Solidarity,
Jerin Alam

Womens eNews
Covering Women's Issues -
Changing Women's Lives

Friday, May 7, 2010


Battered mothers often shy away from publicity. But this year, in a sign of their growing organization, some plan to spend Mother's Day in Washington in a White House vigil to draw attention to a court system that often gives custody to abusers, Mary Darcy reports today.


Battered Women Take Custody Battles to White House

By Mary Darcy
WeNews correspondent
Friday, May 7, 2010
Battered mothers often shy away from publicity. But this year, in a sign of their growing organization, some plan to spend Mother's Day in Washington in a White House vigil to draw attention to a court system that often gives custody to abusers.
A quilt made by protective parents. Each panel represents a child or family lost to or being fought for in the court system.(WOMENSENEWS)--On Mother's Day, busloads of battered moms and advocates for abused children will roll into Washington, D.C.
They'll hold a vigil outside the White House in an effort to persuade President Obama to take up their cause of reforming a family court system that they say all too often puts children into the hands of abusive parents.
For some it marks a new and somewhat frightening degree of public exposure. Some of the protesters will be shrouded in scarves, hiding from their abusers or a court system they fear will punish them for speaking out.
"They're whistleblowers," said vigil organizer Connie Valentine, policy director for The California Protective Custody Association, based in Sacramento. "The system doesn't look kindly on whistleblowers. It's a difficult situation because we have seen enormous judicial retaliation against mothers who step up in front of the problem."
Efforts to quantify the problem are just beginning but protective parents claim it is widespread. A study done by the Williamsburg, Va.-based American Judges Foundation in the early 1990s showed that in 70 percent of challenged cases, battering parents involved in custody battles persuaded authorities the victimized parent was unfit for sole custody, according to a spokesperson from the foundation.
Valentine and other advocates for protective parents call the family courts broken and corrupt and say the system not only puts children into the hands of abusive parents, it also bankrupts and punishes the protective parents who fight for them. At the same time, they say it's hard to reform the system because the people it hurts are hiding from abusers and anxious to avoid publicity.

Shifting Ground

But Valentine feels the ground shifting. "I think we're in the early stages of a civil rights movement for protecting children from physical and sexual abuse."
She said the Internet is helping battered mothers come together. "E-mail has helped. It's a good part of the reason for all of the advocacy," Valentine said. "Women are beginning to see that it's not their fault and that they are just pawns in the game."
Mo Hannah, psychology professor at Siena College, near Albany, N.Y., used the Internet to organize the first annual conference for battered women seeking custody in 2004, after her own difficult custody battle.
This past January marked the seventh gathering, which meets annually in Albany and is the major organizing and networking event of the year for protective parents.
"The first conference was about getting people to talk and validate their experiences," Hannah said. "But as the conferences continued it became very clear that we needed a national movement. Now the conference is just sort of an umbrella or structure that encourages people to share with each other."
Over the seven years, women have met at the conference and formed smaller groups, such as the Massachusetts Protective Mothers for Custodial Justice.
"Mass Moms," as it has come to be known, brings together women who have gone through custody battles with those currently in the throes. Volunteers accompany women to court and on lawyer visits and play a general shepherding role.
"We stand next to a woman who is fighting for her children while she pleads and receives orders," one Mass Mom told Women's eNews at January's Battered Mothers Custody Conference.
These volunteers have all been through their own custody battles and declined to be named for fear of retribution from their ex-husbands or the court system. Many have gag orders associated with their own cases. It is this type of fear of retribution that has helped keep the protective parents movement under the radar.

Fear Stands in the Way

The California Protective Custody Association's Valentine understands the fear that keeps women from protesting and fighting the bigger battles.
"I waited until my own children were grown so we weren't affected by the family court system," she said.
Valentine says advocates and organizers need to study and replicate the successful civil rights campaigns of the past.
"Slavery was ended with a good law but slavery wasn't ended because a good law happened to come about. The law happened because huge masses of people put their lives on the line and fought for it," Valentine said.
This year "Mass Moms" is preparing to add some more public activism to their advocacy with a demonstration taking place in Boston on a date to be announced soon. In what they're planning to call "Confetti," the moms will symbolically shred court-appointed guardian reports--which they feel are particularly unfair to protective parents--into little bits and toss them at the statehouse to call attention to the plight of protective mothers fighting for custody of their children.
In New York City, a group called V.O.W., or Voices of Women, has been working within the court system to try to provide legal counsel and one-on-one help for women. On a wider scale its mission is to "promote long-term systemic change by documenting institutional failures, testifying at hearings, creating position papers and meeting with local and state officials."
Both Valentine and Hannah say this is the right time to take the movement to the next level.
"The new president is a fatherless man with a good wife and they will hear us," said Valentine. "And if they don't hear us, Vice President Joe Biden worked on the violence against women act and he will hear us. And if they don't hear us we will keep going until they do hear us."
Mary Darcy is a multimedia producer/host and documentary filmmaker. She's a two time Gracie Award winner for her work with Kate Mulgrew on Herstory and The Sounds of Progress, public radio series about great women in science. Darcy is a co-owner in Uptown/Downtown Media, producers of Alloveralbany.com.

For more information:

Battered Mothers Custody Conference
Battered Mothers Custody Conference California Protective Parents Association http://www.protectiveparents.com/research.html

DC FREE Movie Screening! illustrates real life effects of rape, sexual abuse & incest on victims & survivors


Would Like to Thank You!
Dear Supporters,
You are invited to a FREE screening of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo!  Music Box Films and RAINN would like to Thank You for all you've contributed to the fight against sexual assault.
WHEN:   Thursday, April 22nd at 12:45pm (post discussion to follow)

WHERE:  The E Street Landmark Theater in Washington, D.C.
555 11th Street NW (entrance on E Street between 10th and 11th Street)

WHY:  This intelligent and suspenseful film illustrates some of the real life effects of rape, sexual abuse, and incest on victims and survivors and helps to underscore the importance of getting help. In fact, sexual violence is an extremely prevalent pattern throughout the film - and that's why RAINN is getting involved.
Following the screening, RAINN volunteers will host a discussion of the film and its thought-provoking topics.  Our hope is that this screening will serve as a template for other cities/venues to promote and lead discussions about this very important film and eventually offer a DVD & Discussion Guide package to volunteers and discussion leaders all over the nation.
The national program is scheduled to launch with the release of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo DVD (July 6th) and in theater release of the second film, The Girl Who Played With Fire (July 2nd) and third film, The Girl Who Played With Hornet's Nests.
THE BASICS:  In this film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's bestselling novel, we will follow the story of Mikael Blomkvist, hired by Henrik Vanger to solve the murder of his niece Harriet, and Lisbeth Salander, a punk-rock computer hacker. Together the two men link Harriet's disappearance to several grotesque murders and uncover a Vanger family history that is both dark and horrific, all while discovering just how many secrets the Vangers are trying to hide.
*The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is still in theaters! Please find more information about the film at http://dragontattoofilm.com

TO ATTEND: RSVP is required. Please email talk@rainn.org and we'll add you to the guest list.  The more supporters we welcome, the better!
Many thanks,


National Young Feminist Leadership Conference Day 1 Recap!


This post cross-posted on The Undomestic Goddess

I spent this past weekend in DC at the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference hosted by the Feminist Majority Foundation, and I'm still on an activism high. Not only was I happy to meet some other members of the NOW-NYS Young Feminist Task Force and feminist Twitter friends in the flesh for the first time, but it was energizing to be surrounded by passionate and smart young women looking to make a difference in this world. From the opening remarks, the auditorium became fired up over health care and the reiteration that our generation is indeed NOT indifferent to the issues around us. And it just got better from there.

The first session I attended was on International Family Planning Access as a Basic Right which focused on the United Nations' Millennium Development goals. These include reducing the maternal mortality rate by 3/4 and achieving universal access to reproductive health and family planning by 2015, as well as improving maternal health worldwide. The panel defined sexual health as encompassing physical, mental and social well being as well as having the access to make choices on said sexual health. They also spoke about the international confusion on Obama's repeal of the Global Gag Rule (and how we desperately need to make its removal permanent), and the need for the US to show the world the way on international women's rights.

The next panel I attended was on the appropriations process in legislation, mainly because I know so little about it, and considering all that goes into the process, I have great respect for all those involved making sure that money mandated in legislation gets to where it needs to go. In general, women and women's organizations never ask for enough money, so know your worth and not only ask but FIGHT for it!

The conference then convened with former President of NOW and current VP of FMF Kim Gandy, Andrea Camp and Gail Cohen of the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress (follow them @jointeconcmte), and Latifa Lyles of the US Dept of Labor Women's Bureau to talk about Women, Jobs and the Economy. They explained how while men have lost more jobs in this recession (er, "he"cession, anyone?), they're also gaining them back whereas women aren't (unlike past recessions, where they actually had much to gain) and that we need to make sure women are prioritized in any recovery act.

I had to leave early the following day so unfortunately missed out on what looked like a great panel on women in media and a closing note from Shelby Knox, but I remain inspired by those conversations with other young leaders, be it in a more structured conference setting or over drinks or on a long car ride home, that reminds me WHY we do what we do, and gives us the fuel to keep going.

Feeling inspired to attend a feminist conference? The NOW Northeast Regional Conference will be held in April in Albany, and the National NOW conference will be held in Boston this year over the 4th of July weekend - sign up today and get your activism on. And also be sure to check out the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance's photos from this past weekend!

Posted by: Amanda ReCupido of The Undomestic Goddess

This weekend: We will attend Feminist Majority National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in DC


There will be fewer blog posts this weekend, because a few of us (Amanda ReCupido, Arielle Cohen, Dan Wald, Meghan Shalvoy and I) from the NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force will be attending the Feminist Majority National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in DC.  We are bringing our other feminist friends along, including awesome male feminist friends.  

Three of us will be speaking on panels as well.

Meghan Shalvoy will be speaking on the following panel:

Exposing Fake Clinics                                                                            Bldg. 42 Rm. A06
Fake clinics, or so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” target campuses and often use deceptive advertising practices to lure young women into their facilities, all the while they frequently provide misinformation about the risks of abortion and birth control. Come learn what you can do to expose fake clinics in your area and prevent them from deceiving students on your campus.
duVergne Gaines, West Coast Campus Director, Feminist Majority Foundation
Myra Duran, Co-President, University of California Los Angeles Bruin Feminists for Equality
Anton Medvedev, Terps for Choice, University of Maryland College Park 

Meghan Shalvoy, former President, Stony Brook University Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance

Dan Wald and I will be speaking together on the following one:

Ending Sexual Assault on Campus: In Search of Real Solutions         Bldg. 46 East, Auditorium
Sexual assault continues to be a major problem on college campuses. Many women are raped or experience attempted rape during their college careers. Unfortunately, many schools are silent on this issue, attempt to cover up the reality of the situation, or “fix” it with victim-blaming policies. Learn how to work with administrators to change the sexual assault policy at your school, and how to better engage the entire community in a holistic approach to ending the violence.
Kim Gandy, Vice President and General Counsel, Feminist Majority Foundation
Jerin Alam, Co-Chair, National Organization for Women Young Feminist Task Force; FMF Choices Campus Alumna
Daniel Wald, Board Member, Students Actively Fighting to End Rape

Sara Bendoraitis, Director, American University GLBTA Resource Center

While in DC, some of us will attend the following event as well:

Women Say No To War: Building Peace in War Zones Around the World Evening Celebratiion with Eve Ensler

I will be staying behind to attend the March on Washington for Health Care Reform on Monday.

We will blog about our experiences when we return.  In the meantime, you can read about our adventures via our Twitter feeds here:

For equality,
Jerin Alam
National NOW Young Feminist Task Force
NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force 
National Organization for Women (NOW)

Women Need Us at Sunday's Immigration Rally


Womens eNews
Covering Women's Issues -
Changing Women's Lives

Friday, March 19, 2010


Anna Burger says that the major rally in Washington, D.C., this Sunday for immigration reform gives us a chance to stand up for the needs of immigrant women at the backbone of our economy.
Check out our Commentoon

Women Need Us at Sunday's Immigration Rally

By Anna Burger
WeNews commentator
Friday, March 19, 2010
Anna Burger says that the major rally in Washington, D.C., this Sunday for immigration reform gives us a chance to stand up for the needs of immigrant women at the backbone of our economy.
Editor's Note: The following is a commentary. The opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily the views of Women's eNews.
Anna Burger(WOMENSENEWS)--Women, particularly women from other countries, are the hidden steel in the spine of our local economies.
All over this nation, we rely on the people who provide safe, loving, educational environments to our children; who maintain office buildings owned by some of the richest companies and inhabited by the wealthiest CEOs in the world; who take care of people too sick to leave their homes; and who provide personal care to seniors, the chronically ill and people living with disabilities.
These workers, part of a growing, service-sector work force, hold critical jobs that ultimately help support other working women and men and help keep entire communities healthy and whole.
The people we rely on for these services are predominantly female, immigrant and underpaid.
While the White House and Congress debate even taking up the issue of comprehensive immigration reform, women continue to suffer under an outdated immigration system that drives down wages, encourages workplace abuses and breeds divisions in our workplaces and communities--which ultimately hurt the entire nation.
It's time to tell the story of comprehensive immigration reform through the lives of these women.

Immigrant Women's Stories

Just this week, we learned the stories of three Mexican women employed on temporary worker visas at a seafood processing company in North Carolina. Solely because of their gender, the women were restricted to certain types of "women's" work at the plant, underpaid, not reimbursed for their travel costs and then wrongfully fired. The company's behavior is currently at the center of a lawsuit being taken up by the American Civil Liberties Union.
These stories aren't new. In other cases, undocumented female workers have faced sexual intimidation, human trafficking, brutal physical battery and threats of deportation and separation from their families.
In 2008, after a massive, immigration raid at a meatpacking plant in Iowa, dozens of women reported being locked in the plant for work shifts that sometimes started at 8 a.m. and ended at 2 a.m. (Women's eNews followed up on this situation with a story in December and found that women awaiting to testify in connection with charges that had been dismissed were still wearing painful electronic monitoring devices on their ankles. A complete package of Women's eNews stories about the experiences of female immigrants can be found in its Web site's special series Dynamic Diaspora.)

Factory Pays Fluctuating Wages

immigration rallyMicheline Charles, a nursing assistant and Florida Healthcare Union member, also understands the disparate and harsh treatment often reserved for immigrant workers and the special challenges women face. During the six years it took to secure a permanent visa for herself and her children, she had to leave her kids in Haiti while she worked at a textile factory. Though she enjoyed working with people from all over the world, she and her coworkers were paid whatever wage the factory felt like giving them.
Still, Charles is lucky compared to Victoria Márquez, a janitor and Service Employees International Union, SEIU, Local USWW organizer in Los Angeles. Márquez has not seen her family in El Salvador for more than 15 years. Despite working tirelessly to put them through high school and college in El Salvador, Márquez has not been able to obtain a visa that allows her to travel back and forth between the United States and her native country.
History makes it very clear when there's a need for change. This weekend, we have an historic opportunity to stand together for comprehensive immigration reform that creates a better America.
It's time to stand up for what's right. This Sunday, March 21, please stand with tens of thousands of us for an immigration reform rally on the National Mall. Stand for Márquez and Charles. Stand for women across the country whose stories are even more tragic--and have yet to be told. Let's unite and tell Congress and the White House that we're not going to stand for these unfair policies any longer.
Anna Burger, one of Women's eNews 21 Leaders for the 21st Century 2006, has been hailed by Fortune Magazine as "the most powerful woman in the labor movement" and named as one of Washingtonian's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2006 and 2009. She is both a top ranking officer at SEIU, the nation's largest and fastest growing union, and the first chair of America's newest labor federation, Change to Win.

For more information:

Immigration, SEIU:
Faces of SEIU - Immigrant Stories:
March For America:

Last-minute Phonebanks for healthcare reform & 3/22 rally in DC


Make Your Closing Arguments

It's here. The House is about to vote on health reform, and numbers are extremely close. Key Congress Members from New York may end up casting the deciding votes.
Now's the time to let your reps know that you demand a bill to expand coverage, lower costs and finally stop so many unfair practices of health insurance companies.
Come be a part of the final countdown to history.

Make the Call

Please call 877-323-5246 to be connected to your Congressperson and urge him or her to vote "yes" on health care reform.
Join a phonebank:
Wednesday, March 17. Midtown 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Saturday, March 20. Megabank. Co-sponsored by Greater NYC for Change.
McGee's Pub, 240 W. 55th St., 3rd floor. 2-6 p.m.
Saturday, March 20. Queens Phonebank. Essence Realty, 114-06 Merrick Blvd. RSVP to Bonty, bontyd@yahoo.com. 12-4 PM.

Take It to Congress

Rally to Persuade NYC Congressman

This Friday the 19th, at 11:30 AM, join community members at a press conference in front of Rep. McMahon's Staten Island office to urge him to vote "yes" on the bill. Meet at 265 New Dorp Lane (at corner of Edison Street). For more information, email metrohealth@igc.org. Organized by AARP.

March on Washington

The Last Push: Bus Trip to Capitol Hill Monday, March 22

RSVP and sign up for a free bus.
Meet 5:30 a.m. on 17th Street and Union Square. Contact Manisha Sharma, MD, at manishaim@aol.com to become a participating group. Volunteers will be returning to NYC by 10:30 p.m. the same day.

Let's get it done!

Thanks for all your hard work this past year - we're so close! Keep the pressure on.
Greater NYC for Change: the voice of everyday Americans in New York City's five boroughs and Westchester calling for reform.

White House, March 22: Show Up for healthcare reform


'WE are the ones we have been waiting for' was a line that inspired us throughout the Obama campaign. The problem with health reform is, 'WE' didn't show up. As a result, opponents say, "The PEOPLE" don't want reform - despite polls showing majority support. It's time to show up!

Join the March on Washington- Monday, March 22nd

Meet medical professionals and community members from across the country for a march from the White House to Capitol HiIl. Tell Congress to put people ahead of politics. For more information, go to HEALTHMARCH. To volunteer for sign-making and other event activities, contact Manisha Sharma MD of the National Physicians Alliance at manishaim@aol.com. For RSVP links, go to NYCforChange.org.

Moving Forward

A little more than a year ago, I founded NYCforChange because I believed in the power of grassroots to achieve social justice. Thanks to you, NYCforChange has become a leader in the fight for health reform. As the movement grows, so does our membership. Under the leadership of Tim Foley, GreaterNYCforChange has been formed to serve areas beyond NYC. Together, we will continue to fight for social justice - locally, nationally, and globally. If you and I don't, who will?

Thank you

Nina Agrawal
Founder, NYCforChange
Community Outreach Director, National Physicians Alliance - NY Network