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Donations & petition for Strauss-Kahn's victims: Feminists Demand Let Justice Be Done


Thanks to each of you who wrote notes in support of the alleged victim of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.  His actions spurred a global movement in support of her.  You can continue to help by signing the petition below and donating to her.  Thank you for all your activism. 

The petition is truly international, translated from English into Spanish, French and Turkish, posted on hundreds of websites (about 8,000 Google hits) and with about 3200 signatures from the following 50 plus countries: Algeria, Argentina , Australia,  Austria,   Belgium ,    Brazil,  Canada, Colombia, China, Czech Republic,   Denmark ,   Finland ,  France (with Martinique, Guadeloupe, Polynesia, ,Wallis and Futuna,Reunion Island, and French Guyana),  Georgia, Germany, Greece,  Haiti ,  Hungary, India,  Indonesia, Iran,   Iraq , Ireland,  Israel, Italy, Japan,  Kenya ,  Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco,  Netherlands,  New Zealand, Norway, Palestinian Occupied Territories, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden,   Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Philippines, Portugal, U.S. (plus Puerto Rico), the UK.

Contribute to our fund for the hotel worker online at https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=ab6736 ( be sure to write "Women's Fund" in the comments box).

Feminists Demand Freedom from Sexual Assault and Harassment
We agree:
Rape is always about power and domination; it is sexualized violence.

Rape and sexual harassment of women are pervasive at all strata of society and in all corners of the globe. Women will never be fully free and able to enjoy equality with men until this ends. As feminists, we see the arrest of former International Monetary Fund director Dominique Strauss-Kahn on sexual assault charges as an opportunity to increase public awareness and as a wake-up call to renew action against sexual violence, not only in the US where his arrest occurred and in France, where media and many public figures are portraying him as the victim, but around the world.

We join French feminists in saying that just as Strauss-Kahn is innocent until proven guilty, his accuser must also be respected and believed to be credible unless proven false. We commend her employer, Sofitel, and the action of the NYC Police for taking her complaint seriously. We call for feminists around the world to join with her union (New York Hotel and Motel Trades Council Local 6) in collecting funds for legal and daily expenses, as her work is now curbed and life circumstances vastly altered. Contributions can be sent to Judson Memorial Church (attention Women's Fund) 55 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012-1018, or online at https://secure.acceptiva.com/?cst=ab6736 (write "women's fund" in the comments box).

We also share French feminist indignation at the deliberate and opportunistic confusion of seduction and sexual violence, from Strauss-Kahn's declaration that he "loves women," to the journalists and politicians who rally behind this "Great Seducer." It is outrageous that the allegation of attempted rape during the course of a housekeeper's work day raises issues about any woman's life story and sexual history. And portraying powerful Strauss-Kahn as "too civilized" to commit a violent crime plays upon colonial and racist stereotypes vis-à-vis an African immigrant woman.

We adamantly oppose all harassment, sexual violence and rape, and we know that when there is a large discrepancy between the power, the wealth and racial hierarchy of the parties involved, justice is even harder to come by. All rapists and harassers believe they are entitled, and often when they are part of the power elite they assume that influence will outweigh the legal protection and freedom from coercion all women should enjoy. Feminists around the world demand that justice be done.

Women of all countries, unite!

Support National Organization for Women (NOW), Get Ms. Magazine FREE!


National Organization for Women

Support NOW, Get Ms.
Through May 6, when you donate $25 to NOW you can receive Ms. magazine for one year -- for free! If you're already a member, take this as a limited-time opportunity to get a free subscription with your contribution to NOW. And if you're not a NOW member, join today and get a Ms. magazine with your $25 join.
For more than 40 years, NOW has worked for women's equality, taking progressive stands on a broad range of social justice issues. We're the largest feminist organization in the nation, and our cutting-edge, multi-issue advocacy and dedicated network of grassroots activists are unparalleled.
And we're partnering with Ms. magazine -- an award-winning feminist publication with thought-provoking stories on everything from pop culture to world affairs -- to bring you this special deal.
Don't miss this opportunity to be part of two feminist communities for one low contribution.

For equality and justice,
Terry O'Neill, President
National Organization for Women

Support NOW's Wor

The Coming Battle Over Abortion Rights


The National Organization for Women
The extremists who want to overturn Roe v. Wade are gloating in the aftermath of last week's election. Support NOW today to help us fight back.
They just couldn't be more pleased with themselves. Here's what the New York Times reported yesterday:
Donate NOW!
"I feel like a little boy on Christmas morning — which package do you open up first?" said Troy Newman, the leader of Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion rights group. Already, abortion rights opponents were considering pressing for new regulations in New Mexico, Iowa and Kansas, where Sam Brownback, the Republican governor-elect, follows Democratic governors who vetoed some anti-abortion rights restrictions approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature.
The religious right seems to think a gift of anti-abortion rights legislation – at the state and federal levels – is just waiting to be unwrapped. They want everyone to believe their momentum is unstoppable, and restrictive new laws that erode our reproductive rights are just around the corner.
But we can stop them—and we have to start now! Support NOW to help us block the plan of Operation Rescue and its allies to push anti-abortion rights restrictions through state legislatures before our side has a chance to mobilize. We're ready to get to work today—in fact, we've already started.
NOW chapters around the country are evaluating the changing landscape in their states and implementing action plans to fight new restrictions on abortion care.
And NOW is also working to stop presumptive Speaker of the House John Boehner's plan to bring back a "Stupak on Steroids" ban on abortion care. Even worse than the original Stupak Amendment, the new bill would ban coverage of abortion care in the new health system and impose a tax on people with private insurance plans that include abortion coverage.
Donate today to support our fight.
We don't have the luxury of time to recover from the election results, focus on something else for awhile, and maybe come back to activism in a month or two. I know it's hard, but the stakes just couldn't be higher. In state after state, dangerous and restrictive measures that were debated and defeated, or passed but vetoed, are coming back—but we can stop them by doing what NOW does best.
That's where you come in. I urgently need your help to communicate our issues, participate in grassroots actions, pressure lawmakers and support our efforts to protect the hard-fought rights of women to choose the reproductive health care they need.
Operation Rescue and their extremist crowd may think "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," but for us, it's looking more like other moments in history where we faced difficult challenges and tremendous odds—and won. Please stand with us. Donate today.
In solidarity,
Terry O'Neill, President
National Organization for Women
P.S. - I can't state how imperative it is to stand up for women's lives in this new political climate. Please donate today.

Still Loving Your Body Today?


Love Your Body Day NOW
Did you know 80 percent of women are dissatisfied with their appearance and 49 percent of girls ages 3 to 6 worry about being fat?
Yesterday, NOW Foundation honored the true beauty within all women with our 13th annual Love Your Body Day. As this campaign continues year-round, we need your help to eliminate dangerously unrealistic standards of beauty. Can you help us grow our campaign with a tax-deductible gift?
Many NOW chapters are holding events this month to get the message out that bodies are beautiful, just the way they are. Here are just a few examples:
  • Hollywood NOW is joining forces with America's Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson to celebrate beauty that comes in every size.
  • The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign chapter continues to take photographs of women enjoying their favorite foods.
  • And in the nation's capital, the land of power suits, the DC NOW chapter held a sweat pants get-together.
In addition, NOW Foundation recently gave a presentation to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland, on the impact of images of women and girls in the media on human rights.
Your tax-deductible gift goes a long way to empowering women and girls -- in this generation and the future.
Terry O'Neill
P.S. NOW Foundation has been on the frontlines of self-acceptance for 13 years and we'd love you to stand with us as we prepare for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week in February. Please give now.


Love Your Body Website   |   Donate to NOW  |  

NOW President Terry O'Neill on The Huffington Post


The National Organization for Women

Happy Love Your Body Day, feminists!
Read NOW President Terry O'Neill's article on The Huffington Post: Do You Love What You See When You Look in the Mirror?
We're excited to hear about your Love Your Body Day events. Please send us summaries, photos and/or links about how you celebrated Love Your Body Day to comm@now.org.
Below are this year's Love Your Body Day poster contest winners. If you or anyone you know would like to submit a poster for the 2011 poster contest, the submission guidelines are here.

Category 1 2010 Winner, Deepsy Patel      Grand Prize & Category 2 2010 Winner, Sarah Neuser      Category 3 Winner 2010 Winner, Shannon Wu      Category 4 Winner 2010, Jerrika Shi

Feminist Women Are Winning! Help Shelley Madore Make it All The Way to Capitol Hill


National Organization for Women, Political Action Committee
Feminist Women Are Winning!
Help Shelley Madore Make it All The Way to Capitol Hill
In Tuesday night's Democratic primary, Minnesota voters cast their ballots for Shelley Madore in an upset victory, moving her one step closer to representing the state's 2nd Congressional District. Madore, who ran without the endorsement of the local Democratic Party, bested favored candidate Dan Powers.
Help Shelley win in November!
NOW's Political Action Committee proudly endorsed Madore for office, and members of Minnesota NOW provided vital support. NOW wants to ensure that this sort of support continues.
Help send Shelley to Capitol Hill!
Shelley told NOW: "I am proud to be endorsed by NOW and its supporters, who have worked long and hard for women's rights for more than 40 years. I appreciate their support and encouragement as I work to earn the privilege of representing our community's families in Congress."
Madore has been an ally to women in the Minnesota House of Representatives, working to address the inadequacies of health care coverage for women, along with the lack of job security and housing assistance. We need more women like Shelley on Capitol Hill. Help us elect Shelley Madore and other strong feminist leaders.
Learn more from the NOW/PAC profile on Shelley Madore.

EVE: Equal Visibility Everywhere: Sneak Peek at a Sketch of the Amelia Earhart Balloon


Sneak peek at the Amelia Earhart balloon
The sketches for our new Amelia Earhart balloon are in—and they're gorgeous! We sent our 99 Club members the first view earlier this week and got some great feedback. The artist made a couple of tweaks based on their comments, and now the final versions are ready.
Here's the birdseye view:
Yes, we're being sneaky—don't you want to see Amelia's face? But we're holding on to the other elevations and detail drawings until our 99 Club members can see them first.
The next step is for the designers and engineers at StarBound Entertainment (the balloon makers) to create a clay model of the balloon. We're shooting for a test flight in a Labor Day parade, with a big-venue major debut for Thanksgiving. Our volunteer staff at EVE is busy getting the parade banner designed, ordering the flight suits for the "ground crew" (the balloon handlers who guide the balloon in the parade), and doing a thousand other things.
But we still need to raise the rest of the cash!
We already have 52 members of the 99 Club, and we're looking for 47 more. The clock is ticking and the calendar pages are flipping. We need to pay the artist, pay for the balloon, pay for the parade banner, pay for the flight suits—pay, pay, pay!
Please join the 99 Club today and invite all of your friends to do the same. And remember—your contribution is tax-deductible.
We're almost there!

Lynette Long, Ph.D.
Equal Visibility Everywhere

Equality for all, or bigotry for some?


Activists marching.
Please help NOW support, foster and grow our grassroots network. Donate today!
Help NOW Fight for Marriage Equality!
What's wrong with giving lesbian and gay couples in loving, committed relationships the same protections under the law as heterosexual couples?
Nothing. Equal marriage is the right thing to do; and I believe we will see it throughout the country in our lifetimes.
Though opinions are shifting in favor of full equality for LGBT people, including marriage equality, we won't see the changes we need without a fight. Will you give $51 to NOW today to help us see marriage equality in all 50 states (and D.C.)?
The National Organization for Women has long been a trailblazer in the fight for marriage equality. In 1995, we were one of the first organizations to affirm marriage as a fundamental right not to be denied to same-sex couples. We launched our ground-breaking Equal Marriage campaign in 2004 and NOW chapters around the country have never stopped fighting.
Today our activists around the country are carrying their Equal Marriage rounds to fight back against the national tour of the fundamentalist hate group that calls itself "the National Organization for Marriage." Please give $51 to NOW so that we can continue to send Equal Marriage campaign support to our activists in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
We're going to win this one. I can feel it. Are you willing to fight for it?
For equality,
Terry O'Neill
NOW President
P.S. If $51 is more than you can afford, gifts of any amount will help us secure equal rights for all loving couples. Donate any amount today.

EVE: Equal Visibility Everywhere: Donate to see Amelia Earhart balloon in the skies during Labor Day


From the EVE blog:

Uppity women and subversive history

by Suzanne Scoggins, EVE Director of Communications 

July 15, 2010

You know what I like best about our balloon project? That it’s so subversive.
As women and feminists, we’ve always had to find ways around the entrenched power structures to get our stories told. Remember the Guerrilla Girls in the 80s? Remember the “This demeans women” stickers in the 70s?
The establishment institutions are biased against women and girls, which of course is why EVE exists in the first place. And it’s unavoidable that a big part of our work is focused on effecting change in those institutions: stamps, currency, statues, street names.
But the balloon project gives us an opportunity to go rogue. It’s a wildly subversive way to get women’s history right there in front of people, bypassing the corporate media and the official textbooks and the documentaries and the museums and the memorials—all that male-centered, woman-denying stuff that dominates the landscape. Think of it: a 40-foot helium balloon of Amelia Earhart—or Harriet Tubman, or Susan B. Anthony, or Clara Barton—sailing down the street. Impossible to miss. And the television announcers will be reading the script we’ve supplied, explaining what the balloon is all about, who the woman was. Millions of people will be exposed toreal women’s history. Millions of people will hear our message.
I admit, it took me awhile to see the beauty of the plan. When Lynette Long first presented the idea to me, I was like, what? Parade balloons? I’d never thought about it. But the more we talked about it and the more I learned, the more I realized what we could do with this. We are incredibly lucky to have hooked up with Toni McKay, whose StarBound Entertainment is one of the top two balloon suppliers in the country. She totally believes in this project, and is chomping at the bit to get these balloons designed and built. And because of her position in the industry, she has the ability to make sure our balloons fly in some of the biggest parades in the country.
My fantasy now is to some day have parade balloons of all those women who ought to be world-famous, but aren’t. Can you imagine? I want to hear the TV announcer introducing these balloons:
Admiral Grace Hopper: the woman who invented modern computer programming.
Buffalo Calf Road Woman: the Cheyenne warrior who killed Custer.
Mercy Otis Warren: the woman who conceived of the Bill of Rights.
But first we need to get Amelia Earhart launched. If you haven’t chipped in yet, please consider giving if you can. As we point out in the Q&A about the balloon, it’s a great value for the money. The balloon will last for 20 years and be seen by millions of people every year—and all for less than $10,000.

"The first Saturday without harassment in 8 years" for Family Reproductive Health clinic in Charlotte


Pair of NOW activists defending the Family Reproductive Health clinic in Charlotte, N.C.
Please help NOW support, foster and grow our grassroots network. Donate today!
We did it! Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Charlotte NOW, National NOW, the Feminist Majority Foundation and other allies, the Family Reproductive Health clinic in Charlotte, N.C., was free of harassment and terror threats from extreme anti-abortion rights group Operation Save America for the first Saturday in eight years.
Will you give to NOW today to help us keep clinics around the country safe?
Operation Save America (formerly Operation Rescue) staged a national event in Charlotte July 17-24. They boasted of their intentions to target Family Reproductive Health clinic on Saturday, July 24, but when they saw 70 peaceful abortion rights supporters outside the clinic, they packed up their red "murder" bus condemning women's fundamental right to choose, LGBT people, and people living with AIDS and left. That's right -- they packed up and left.
But this fight isn't over.
Please give to NOW today to help women's rights supporters send even more members of what Dr. LeRoy Carhart calls "The American Taliban" packing.
Frankly, I traveled down to Charlotte on Friday expecting the worst. Our people on the ground were reporting harassment from trees outside the clinic, large-scale demonstrations over highway overpasses during rush hours, and even protests outside a local mosque. And for eight years, leaders of Operation Save America have built scaffolding to rise above the fences protecting the clinic, so that they might scream at women seeking legal and safe abortion care and the doctors and staff who bravely serve them.
Defending the Family Reproductive Health clinic in Charlotte, N.C.
Thanks to everyone who protected the Family Reproductive Health clinic in Charlotte, N.C. Please continue to support our work.
But NOW members rose to the challenge. Charlotte NOW President Cindy Thomson led a local pro-choice coalition that organized clinic defense trainings, found free places to stay for NOW members and supporters who wanted to help, and worked late into nights for months on end. When National NOW recently sent out an alert asking for volunteer phoners to help turn out NOW supporters in North Carolina, we got immediate assistance from women's rights advocates around the country willing to use up their cell phone minutes to say, Enough is enough! Leave the Family Reproductive Health clinic alone.
Arriving Saturday morning, I joined grassroots NOW leaders who had driven quite some way to defend the clinic -- North Carolina NOW President Gailya Paliga, longtime NOW National Board member and leader Robin Davis; New York State NOW Young Feminist Task Force co-chair Meghan Shalvoy; even Florida NOW Secretary Dennis Blanchard, who drove all night to get there before the clinic opened. With allies and supporters, we stretched out along the block and realized we had 70 positive, peaceful demonstrators helping to defend the clinic from Operation Save America's planned siege. The result? A man harassing the clinic climbed down from a tree, and left in a car with men wearing Repent America! T-shirts.
At the end of the day, a clinic staffer came out and thanked the group for creating the first Saturday in eight years where clinic doctors, staff and the women they serve were free from harassment. As the group filtered away, one of the doctors came out in his scrubs and thanked us for our help. It was truly amazing.
Please help NOW support, foster and grow our grassroots network so that it is even more powerful around the country -- fighting back against extremists takes more than a village. It takes a NOW chapter.
For reproductive freedom,
Erin Matson
Action Vice President
P.S. Please donate NOW. Your contribution will help us provide even more support to fantastic NOW grassroots leaders like Charlotte NOW President Cindy Thomson.